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  • Reusable components

  • You need grit for css grid

    CSS grid is an awesome piece of browser technology. The other side is that the concepts are not super intuitive and there is some work to be done before you can appreciate it. Endurance and passion is needed. Courage. Grit. Especially with those grid lines...

  • Power management on Ubuntu and Pop!_OS

    Is it possible to hibernate a Linux machine? What is the difference between sleep, suspend, stand-by and hibernation? Why isn't my machine waking up after pressing keys on my keyboard?

  • Flexbox zombies

    Recently I have finished the Flexbox zombies game. The way the author forces you to deliberately practice a skill is great.

  • My Getting things done in 2020

    For my personal time management I like to use a variant of the Getting Things Done methodology. The nice thing about this GTD thing is that you can use only small parts of the whole methodology and still benefit from it.

  • Markdown capabilities in Eleventy

    Let's try what markdown offers in context of Eleventy static site generator.

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