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  • Working with correct versions of tools in the JavaScript ecosystem

    The ideal is to have the desired version of every tool at every situation during both development and deployment. Docker might be the answer for someone, but it might not be practical to use it all the time. Let's analyze the situation.

  • 77+ questions about a web project

    You were asked to build a website? Does it seem it will be a larger one? It might be the case it will actually not be a website but a webapp. It might need a team to actually do it. Well, better prepare answers for these couple of questions :-)

  • Multi-branch, multi-language website story

    At the beginning of 2021, which is already almost two years ago, my team and I have started working on a rather large website. The requirements were interesting... and as it usually happens they have changed quite significantly during implementation.

  • How I work

    I feel like it is time to write down some specifics about how I work. This is no longer changing every year, so it might be useful as a reference for future collaborations. Also it works for me, so I am going to change it only if something significant will cross my way.

  • Reusable components

    In this article I am trying to summarize a couple of techniques that are typically used for building reusable components. The idea came to me from a course on VueJS by Michael Thiessen. I am writing the examples in simple javascript functions and not in any framework code.

  • You need grit for css grid

    CSS grid is an awesome piece of browser technology. The other side is that the concepts are not super intuitive and there is some work to be done before you can appreciate it. Endurance and passion is needed. Courage. Grit. Especially with those grid lines...

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