Github projects

  • Collection of files for configuration and installation of my development machines
    Main language: Vim Script
    Topics: development-machine, dotfiles
  • My GitHub profile
  • My website about software engineering
    Main language: JavaScript
    Topics: css, html, javascript, personal-website, web-engineering, web-platform
  • Retrieve and parse zsh aliases from the environment or from a file
    Main language: TypeScript
  • An education site built for my wife ♥
    Main language: Vue
  • Main language: CSS
  • Jira source for nvim-cmp
    Main language: Lua
  • Blog about thinking (in czech)
    Main language: JavaScript
    Topics: blog, static-site, thinking
  • Main language: TypeScript
  • Simple tool for copying timesheets
    Main language: TypeScript
    Topics: deno, deno-deploy, tool, typescript
  • Monorepo for my plays with simple ciphers.
    Main language: TypeScript
    Topics: angular, monorepo, nodejs, nx, typescript
  • Static site generator for chronologically sorted photo albums
    Main language: JavaScript
    Topics: javascript, photoswipe, static-site-generator, svelte
  • Simple desired state configuration library, inspired by Powershell DSC
    Main language: TypeScript
    Topics: deno, desired-state-configuration, dsc
  • Read and parse your zsh history
    Main language: TypeScript
  • Interactive tool for creating simple ciphers
    Main language: JavaScript
    Topics: angularjs, javascript