When you need to process all errors one by one, it might be handy to load them into your IDE. Not sure about other options, however there are no available workspace wide diagnostics available from corresponding language servers for this right now.

I had troubles with the output from npm run, so used pnpm instead.

Following assumes that there is a lint script in your package.json with something like "eslint ." and lint:styles with something like "stylelint '**/*.{css,vue}'".

nvim -q <(pnpm run --silent lint --format=unix)
nvim -q <(pnpm run --silent lint:styles --formatter=unix)

A little bit more complicated for typescript in Vue files. The sed replacement is poor mans formatter (translates location from something like (3,10) to :3:10).

nvim -q <(pnpm --silent dlx vue-tsc --noEmit --pretty false | sed -E 's/\(([[:digit:]]+),([[:digit:]]+)\)/:\1:\2/')