Inspiration is a great website with a list of values that one might appreciate.

My values

  • Ownership and responsibility
    • When you own something you can actually improve it, because it’s yours
  • Open communication, open software
    • I like clear, constructive and open communication
    • I like when software is done similarly—it is open source and open to contribution (or at least internally)
  • Friendly to people with needs
    • I need more time for my small kids, someone else need more money or something
    • Respect other people needs
  • Focus on work, then compensate with other activities
    • Because I believe side projects, volunteering, family and exercise can actually improve work productivity
    • I prefer less strict working hours and more vacation
    • Long uninterrupted time of focused work is essential
  • Safe environment to fail
    • I like systems where you can fix your previous mistakes
    • I like relationships where forgiveness is possible
  • Use of agile methodologies
    • An ability to make a change is advantage to both a creator and his customer
    • Continuous attention to technical excelence and good design enhances agility (from Agile manifesto)
  • Learning and improving skills
    • Learning and improving fulfills me; thinking is an essential part of my work life
    • I value opportunities to move forward in various skills (public speaking, embrace new technology)


  • Can you walk me through your development process, from a ticket or task to code on production? (agile, focus)
  • How often are engineers expected to provide status updates on a project? (ownership, communication)
  • Who sets deadlines and what happens when people fail to meet them? (safe environment, communication)
  • What is a typical way of letting others know that I need one day off or I need to shift my work a couple of hours. I had to deal with those things a lot when we were building our house. (communication, friendly, side projects)
  • Is it possible to do all of the work from a Linux machine? I like my PopOS a lot. (open software)

Technical interests

  • The web platform
  • Software architecture
  • Open and free software
  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JAM stack, Linux, …


  • I am generalist
  • I am organized


  • I am working on my English