I feel like it is time to write down some specifics about how I work. This is no longer changing every year, so it might be useful as a reference for future collaborations. Also it works for me, so I am going to change it only if something significant will cross my way.

This is documenting how I have worked in the last several years and what I value at work. It might be more like a living document more than a blog post.

  • I work from home. I value occasional in person meetings.
  • I usually work between 6:30 and 15:30 CET, averaging 7 work hours per day.
  • I go for a run every day, typically before lunchtime.
  • I work on my personal skills or side projects almost every day, before or after my work hours depending on when my children needs me more.
  • Rest of my time is primarily for my family, I do not work in the evening if not necessary.
  • During a year I have 30 days on average when I do not work (vacation, sick days; not including national holidays).
  • Every week I reserve several time blocks for deep work and weekly review.
  • I need to know the ‘Why?’ in order to feel comfortable at work. Why is this piece of technology used here? Why we need to do this before that? How does it work? And why does it work like this? You can expect these questions from me.
  • I keep things organized. Creating order out of chaos energizes me, the opposite is killing me.
  • I value documentation. I document my progress, my results, my failures. I like when others write documentation too.
  • I value simplicity, openness, transparency, honesty and reliability.
  • Work is serious, the life is more.

Software development

  • I use Linux (Pop_OS).
  • I use command line whenever it is suitable.
  • I love web technologies.
  • I program in Neovim.
  • My config and other projects are open on Github.
  • When applicable I prefer continuous integration as a collaboration scheme.


I’ve written a note about similar topic earlier. It was about key values at work.